Legal Design Thinking Workshops

We provide workshops for participants to learn the legal design thinking process as well as techniques and tools to make the process more efficient.  Workshops range from 90 minutes (overview) to half-day, full-day and two-day programs.  Often a law firm or legal department sponsors a workshop for their attorneys and staff.  The most productive workshops are those when participants are from both law firms and legal departments.  See Workshops for more information.

Design Lab

Looking for help to implement an innovation initiative?  Need some guidance doing your first design thinking project?  Our design lab provides consultation and coaching through the design process. See Design Lab for more information.

Keynotes and Retreats

Law firms, legal departments, law firm networks and professional associations have engaged us to do mini-workshops for retreats and meetings.  The purpose of these engagements is to educate participants on the legal design thinking process and spark ideas on how they can apply the process to be more innovative in finding more efficient ways to delivery legal services.  Contact us for more information and check availability.