What is Design Thinking for Legal?

Design Thinking (DT) is a process to develop innovative ways to solve problems.  Design Thinking for Legal leverages DT principles and practices to help lawyers and their clients create new and effective ways of delivering legal services.

What is a Legal Design Thinking Workshop?

The best way to learn LDT is by doing it.  Our highly interactive workshops teach the LDT process, as well as tools, tips and techniques to help you be successful in designing an innovation initiative.  Workshops are attended by anyone who is involved in change initiatives in legal, including law firm lawyers and business staff and in-house attorneys and legal operations. Workshops are often sponsored by law firms or legal departments.

Want to host a Legal Design Thinking Workshop?

Hey, here’s an idea: host a Legal Design Thinking Workshop for your firm or practice group.  Invite your clients.  Spend a day together learning how to re-design a legal process that results in better efficiency, communication and result.  Or, start with a LDT workshop for your firm or legal department, then tackle an innovation initiative!

We partnered with the Association of Legal Technologists (ALT) to produce a series of Legal Design Thinking Workshops across the United States.  Join us for a two-hour introduction to LDT!

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