Lucy Endel Bassli

Legal Operations Advisor
Seattle, Washington USA

Lucy Bassli brings the “voice of the client” to Design Thinking Legal workshops.

Lucy Endel Bassli brings the “voice of the client” to Design Thinking Legal workshops.  As a former AGC for Microsoft responsible for using design thinking to transform the software company’s legal contracting processes, she provides real-world examples of how law departments and law firms can start with simple innovations that make a significant difference as well as how collaboration through innovation brings real value to clients.  

Lucy is Founder and Principal of InnoLegal Services, a law firm and consultancy that brings together process optimization, technology and sound legal advice.  She also serves as Chief Legal Strategist for LawGeeks, an advisory group that focuses on the integration of technology and legal services.

Lucy is a pioneer in legal operations.  She is a frequent speaker at conferences, including the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), Stanford Law School, Microsoft Business Leadership Summit, FutureLaw, Association of Corporate Counsel, and many others.  She has authored numerous articles on innovation in the legal sector and a contributing author to the book, Building The Law Department of Tomorrow, edited by Alex Davies.  

Lucy received the ACC Value Champion Award in 2016 and is recognized by the National Law Journal “Outstanding Women Lawyers” in 2015.  Lucy serves on the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Law Department Management Committee and is a board member of the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management.  She has been featured in many publications, including this LegalTech profile.  

Lucy earned her J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center and a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies from the University of Houston.

“As I’ve gotten to know Lucy over the last few years, I have witnessed her sharing her genuine passion for revolutionizing the legal industry. In every setting, she speaks with such conviction and energy, no one can doubt that she is onto something. Given Lucy’s first-hand experience with engaging law firms creatively, automation, and legal outsourcing, she is sure to be a great resource for anyone who engages with her.” – Ralph Baxter

Other Life

Lucy is President of the Board of Directors of the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle.  JDS focuses on experiential learning, featuring a weekly “Design Lab” that uses design thinking principles to teach innovation and creativity.



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