Design Lab

Innovation is a Team Sport

One of the key mindsets of design thinking is the importance of collaboration.  We encourage people to interview users in pairs, to brainstorm in groups and to prototype in teams.  Sometimes, people need some help organizing and implementing innovation initiatives and design thinking projects.

Through our Design Lab, we offer innovation coaching to help law firms, legal departments and organizations through the process.  We won’t innovate for you, but we will help you and your team go through the process, teaching tools and techniques to make the next project go a little easier.

We know it might be surprising, but sometimes we get frustrated at how law firms and their clients get stuff done.  We occasionally host hackathons to engage lawyers and their clients in a rapid-pace design charente aimed at finding new, efficient and better ways to get stuff done (or not have to do it in the first place).

Contact us if you want to learn more about the Design Lab, Hackathons, and Innovation Coaching.