Nicole Abboud interviews Mark on how law firms need to adapt to a new generation of leaders.  Check out the podcast here:

Millennial Leadership and Constructing Effective Teams

I love leadership! That’s why I’m glad to have our guest, Mark Beese, on the show today. Mark is a leadership expert and he’s here to chat about how Millennial lawyers can step up and become the leaders they are meant to be.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

▪How lawyers can learn to become better leaders

▪The impact of leadership on business development and sustainability of firms

▪Why Mark believes Millennials will save the legal profession

▪Why it’s important to understand negative and positive stereotypes in order to start building your leadership skills

▪What makes Millennial employees loyal

▪How to ask for and give feedback the right way

▪How to construct highly effective teams even as a young lawyer

▪Why we can do a lot better in teams than as individuals

▪Does teamwork make sense in a fiercely competitive legal profession?

▪What it’ll take for law firms to build better workplace culture